Monday, April 20, 2015

Lavaderm To The Rescue!

Spring is finally here in Northwest Indiana, and I'm back outside for Physical Education classes and track and field practice.  I wear protective clothing, a fishing hat and apply sunscreen to protect my skin daily, but I still experience some environment stress by being out in the elements all day.

After 8 hours of tennis, slow-pitch softball classes and track and field practice, Young Living's Lavaderm spray provides a soothing relief for my sun-stressed skin. Knowing that the summer hiking, gardening, and swimming season is just around the corner, we added 2 bottles of Lavaderm to our Essential Rewards order this month.  That way, my wife Sharon and I each have a bottle to use when needed.  

Lavaderm is a great product to add to your first aid kit, keep at home or your office.  For those of you that like to save money (like me!), you can earn an additional 24% off by becoming a wholesale member.  As a wholesale member, the Essential Rewards program is a great way to save money, and earn FREE products!  If you have any questions about Lavaderm or Young Living's memberships or programs, contact us.  Sharon or I would love to help you!